Janta Darbar

I welcome you to this website to share the experiences in Bihar’s journey towards development and progress. We have just embarked on this process. The journey is long and on untraveled roads. But we have already reached the first milepost of the turnaround of the state.

We have started on the path of unity and reduction of disparity to bring sustainable and inclusive growth in Bihar. We have started the process of mobilising resources and ensuring quality governance for the state and stepped up expenditure to fast track Bihar’s transition to a state with competitive high-quality infrastructure and human resources. The outcomes are apparent in the 16 percent decadal growth in literacy and nearly 100 percent primary school enrolment. This is an unique achievement in an overall situation of national decline in human development status in the last two decades.

We want all Biharis to be proud of not just Bihar’s glorious past, but also its present pride and dignity.I call on you to join hands with me through this website to make every Bihari feel secure, environmentally safe, healthy and educated - a place where poverty will be a thing of the past and the word Bihar will only be spoken as a metaphor for well-being. Bihar is being ushered from Resurgent state towards consolidated one, which we create new benchmark at national level.